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How long does it take to launch the blog?
A new blog typically takes around four weeks to launch, depending on what you need from the design process. But as you write your initial content on your staging site, we’ll take care of all the technical setup!

Do I own the content on the blog?
Yes, all of the content on the blog is owned by the author.

Can I get my domain transferred in the future?
Yes. Our team can help you transfer your domain over to a new website provider.

What if I already own my domain?
No problem. We can help with transferring it to the LexBlog platform.

Can I have contributors other than myself?
Yes, each law school blog includes up to three contributors.

Will there be ads on the site?
No. LexBlog does not place ads on any of their blogs.

Can I change the design of the blog?
No. The design is subject to each school’s main colors.

What do you need from me to get started?
We ask the client provide a domain (we can purchase), a title & subtitle, a photo of themselves for the sidebar, a Google associated email address for analytics, and a Disqus username for comment moderation. Once the information is received, LexBlog creates a pre-live site where the client can create posts (1 minimum prior to launch) and customize their about page as well as a few other optional details before launching the blog.