Starting a new internship can bring about deep feelings of anxiety. You want to make a good first impression, get things right on the first try, and not seem like a nag with all your questions. But one of the most important things we often forget about is building relationships with our colleagues.  

It is very important to cultivate good working relationships with your colleagues. I know you’re thinking… “I don’t need to make friends at work.” But face it, YOU DO! Learning the ins and outs of a new job is difficult, especially when you don’t have someone showing you the ropes.

So here’s my advice. MAKE CONNECTIONS!

Now, I know you’re thinking “easier said than done.” Don’t be afraid.  Just reach out to people. I’ll be honest there is a SLIGHT chance certain people won’t be responsive. But for the most part, people will be happy to talk to you and admire your assertiveness. So how do you make these so-called connections?

Simple, start a conversation. I don’t mean a generic conversation that ends with “I’m fine. Thanks for asking.” So what should you talk about? You have to talk about something general because you don’t know the person that well. Yet you need something of substance because you want the conversation to be organic. The answer is easy…..


Parking, especially in Ann Arbor, is such a pain. It’s a common struggle that people can relate to and love to complain about. You can use the horrors of parking to initiate a conversation with just about anyone in your office.