I titled this post early influences because today’s video for the video per day experiment addresses things that have influenced me while I have been in school. Thus, I consider them early influences for my future legal career.

Without a doubt, participating in the social media contest here at Michigan State College of Law has changed the trajectory of my future career. I am excited that the school continues to hold it each year, and am looking forward to participating again.

While listening to the presentation by an alumna today, I was struck with the realization that hearing stories from alumni has also been very beneficial to me. Some of the most powerful experiences have been those where alumni have come back to share their stories. It is one thing to hear something in class, but to see how that information is applied and put to use every day has a great impact. More importantly, seeing the different career paths and roles has expanded my knowledge of possibilities. The role of alumni has not been relegated to presentations alone though. I regularly communicate with alumni on Twitter who have been extremely generous with their time.

I look forward to joining this network in the future and I will do my best to uphold this wonderful legacy.

See more on the Video Per Day Experiment in my introductory post.