Today’s clip for the Video Per Day Experiment shares something I needed help to overcome. Take a look and then scroll down for a deeper dive.

My problem with soda first began in high school really, but it really made itself known when we moved to Japan. I was isolated and alone with two young kids in a place where I had no support system. My husband was away for months at a time (Navy). Occasional trips to the vending machine down the block became a daily treat. Somehow, I associated the soda with feeling happier. (Of course, getting out of the house was likely a part of that feeling but a big kick of sugar and caffeine were contributors). Within a few months, my early loneliness was gone because I had found work and friends. However, the soda drinking remained and increased with each move.

All that soda caught up to me and I found myself overweight and unhappy with that version of myself. I was beginning to realize that soda was a problem, and I resolved to give it up. Every day of that year was a struggle because I wanted something to drink that tasted good and water was filling that need. One thing that did help was an app designed for recovering alcoholics to track their days of being sober; that app helped a lot because it showed how far I had come and I didn’t want to lose that progress.

After more than a year without soda, I ran a marathon. I had not realized that Coca-Cola was a sponsor, and I made the mistake of taking the can they handed out at the end of the race. Thinking that it would be fine, I popped that tab and down that slippery slope I slid.

This past March, I decided to get things in hand once more. Recalling how difficult it had been previously, I considered my options. I had heard of hypnosis being used for other things like helping smokers quit smoking. Being frugal, I decided to see if there were any hypnosis videos available on YouTube. I found one that didn’t look too bad so cautiously watched it. (We have all heard of hypnotized people doing silly things). I honestly don’t know if it was the video or not, but this time, breaking the habit has been much easier. I am ten months in and so far I have not struggled at all. I must admit that it does help that there are more flavored water options now.

I know what many of you may be thinking. “That is dumb-she should have just stopped drinking soda.” But let me challenge you. How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? How many days can you go without that coffee? or sweet tea? or energy drink? Is there something that will change your mood if you eat or drink it? Has the occasional after work drink morphed into several drinks every day?

Why do I share this story? Our society places a shameful connotation on addictions. Even worse, depression and mental health issues are considered weaknesses. I want people to realize that there is nothing wrong with getting help. That help comes in many forms and is out there waiting for you. Don’t be afraid to use the resources when you need them.

Now does anyone have help for a Twitter addiction?

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