The law school at the William and Mary College is the very definition of “Old School” — it has been around for quite some time (indeed, it is the oldest law school in the nation, sorry, Ivies). The Quick Take, a new law blog produced by the students and faculty at the Brigham-Kanner Property Rights Project at the Law School, has, by contrast, a much newer pedigree. But we don’t think that holds us back, and we’re okay being the new kid on the block, because we’re publishing The Quick Take to support the mission of the Law School’s Property Rights Project (now in its 15th year) to “promote the exchange of ideas between scholars and members of the property rights bar through lectures, an annual conference, and publications.”

The Quick Take a means to disseminate information about the Project’s work, to keep current on new and important developments in property rights law, and to add to our understanding of the law. Topics we’ll cover include the annual Brigham-Kanner Property Rights Prize and Conference, takings and eminent domain (hence our title), cases, legislation, and even careers in Dirt Law (something that law students should always be thinking about).

The blog is produced and published by students and alumni of the Law School – with faculty supervision and guidance – and will also function as a learning platform. No better way to learn about the law than to follow new developments and write about them.

So stay with us, follow along, and join in.