Aloha readers,

It has been almost two years since my last entry. I have been completely overwhelmed with balancing my academic journey getting my Masters in Public Health (MPH) and Juris Doctorate at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and developing my professional identity in the legal community in Hawaii.

I wrapped up taking the February 2019 Bar Examination in Hawaii and am a few weeks out before we find out our results.

Let me update you all on the successes of ChadBot (my rightfully named Chatbot). To refresh your memory:

“My second project includes a chatbot that responds to people who access the main legal aid website. The purpose of the chatbot is to communicate with end users who may not know how to navigate the website and find the legal solutions they are seeking. Here at Legal Aid, there are so many people who need help but are unable to get it due to ineligibility, they do not have time to come in, or other factors that prevent them from seeking help. The current site that end users would normally go to is ( The intent of this chatbot (or should I say Chad-bot) is to create a streamline process to give end users the resources they need at the starting page.

To create the dialogue and sample chatbot, I used Chatfuel. This program is very easy to use and very user friendly. More news on this chatbot latter.”

Since Chadbot’s inception in July 2017, Chadbot has evolved to being based on Dialogflow and has helped over 1000 users access legal information with brief quires. Chadbot can be found on the at Legal Aid Society of Hawaii website near the bottom of the page.

Diagramflow is powered by Google’s machine learning expertise AI and allows users to interact by building engaging voice and text-based interfaces.

I am looking forward to updating Chadbot this coming year as I have more time to create more “intents” and dialogue. To my readers who made it this far, id love to hear your successes with AI and Chatbots and if you have any suggestions to improve Chadbot.

Before I leave you for the day, here is the Hawaiian word for the day: kaulike.

Kaulike means “justice” as in Chief justice, luna kānāwai kiʻekiʻe ā kaulike; and pono kaulike, the quality of being impartial or fair. Additionally, kaulike means “balance” especially in regards to science, like a balanced chemical equation.  The word to me signifies how science and technology are inherently intertwined with the law and the pursuit equal access to justice.

Until next time!

Mahalo nui loa,

Chad Au