First-generation law students often find themselves facing unique challenges and difficulties that many of their peers do not. From the general environment and structure of law school, to financial matters, networking, and even simply feeling like you belong with your cohort, it can be extremely taxing to try facing these issues by yourself. However, first-generation law students at McGeorge are in good company because you are not alone!

A significant portion of each incoming class at McGeorge are either first-generation college students or first-generation law students who can empathize with and support one another, in addition to receiving the support of faculty and staff. You can share experiences and insights with your fellow first-generation students and take advantage of McGeorge’s resources, like the CDO, Alumni Network and Alumni Mentors, the Center for Inclusion and Diversity, and many student organizations. If you are a first-generation law student, be sure to check out these tips for overcoming the unique challenges you may face.

We are all in this together, and no one needs to make the journey alone.